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03-18-2013, 07:13 PM
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Originally Posted by TheJoeMan View Post
But there's no certainty that the player that is brought in to replace him won't have chemistry. Yeah it's more of an if since we know how Perry works with this group right now. But we really can't say for sure what will or won't happen. Look at the moves Murph made in 09. At the deadline everyone thought he was conceding the season and dumping but it turned out to make the team better.
Well you're right that there is a chance. But the chance is small, and the guaranteed dropoff is great because we're losing a great player with great chemistry.

The odds are so small and the reward is so limited that it's basically certainty to me. It's about as certain as you can get talking about hypotheticals like this.

Basically I'd say that your point is right technically, but not practically. It's like if someone puts in a dollar into a slot machine that has slot machine odds but only will pay back a dollar max and I say "I'm almost certain he's going to lose money."

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