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Originally Posted by opendoor View Post
All that would do is throw a bunch of guys away for basically nothing and then pin the team's hopes on the idea that they could sign or trade for other players to fill in later which is a pretty risky proposition.

And it's probably fairly unrealistic. There's only 1 buyout available this summer so Booth and Ballard cannot both be bought out. And if Luongo could be moved for picks and prospects without money coming back it probably would've already happened.

If you want to do a mini rebuild you have to trade someone that actually has some value or else you're just spinning your wheels. All the team would get out of Raymond and Higgins is some 2nd or 3rd round picks. That paltry return probably isn't worth throwing away the season for.
- It seems to have worked out pretty well in 2008...

- Wasn't aware of this.

- Luongo you only address the 1st part of 3 points I made.

- from what I've read, mid 2nd round picks will have comparison, Kostitsyn garnered a 2nd and a 5th just last year, Raymond is better IMO.

- kicking the can down the road or mini rebuild, sharks or blackhawks? You choose.

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