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03-18-2013, 08:44 PM
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Why expand to areas with little hockey interest anyways?
Now you showed how you dont understand KHL and russian foreign policy/strategies in general. What seems a nonsense for outsiders is not nonsense for Russians who plan something for future. I could give you examples from 20th century but dont wan to be off topic.

Yes, it seems there is no interest in hockey in Milan, Gdansk but who knows? What is goal of KHL if expands here? Believe me, what seems a nonsense is not a nonsense. I can not identify KHL´s plan in Milan but for sure there is any. Maybe wrong, maybe right. Who knows?

That is a BIG GAME in european hockey now. We can laught at Milan, Gdansk etc, but who knows how situation will be after decade +?

Do you think KHL´s management are bunch of idiots who dont know what to do?
If yes, KHL will collapse within a few years. Amateurs can not govern such league. If no, why does KHL want club in Milan, Zagreb, Bratislava, Prague, projected Switzerland, Norway, Finland,Germany, Gdansk? Try to answer it. If you were KHL, why would you choose these locations?

We all discuss about KHL´s expansion from nowaday´s point of view. But KHL does not do that. League plans the future, far future. I give you one simple example. KHL have said for year or two that conditions for arenas will be tougher after 3-4 yrs. Why? Because KHL has a short-term plan to develep facilities/arenas of clubs. If KHL plans this, why not expansion? Expansion with some vision of future.... yes, it can fail... like AIK failed. But there is a plan of KHL, I am sure. What plan, we dont know. Because we dont know correct replies to my Qs above.

I had to write this post like this.. because it is not only about hockey. We have to get context to undertand details.

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