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Originally Posted by massey View Post
Firstly,I have never blamed him for ALL the loses the team has.Yes it is a team sport but Also a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.I am very critical of his style of play in the games when it becomes a liability for the team.Again his best games came after being benched.I will gladly ask you to go to the game archives on the OHL website and review the games about our D man.Home and away.I have.I didnt miss a home game.Then you decide. Dont even go there with Boucher as this player worked hard for this team both Offensively and DEFENSIVELY for the Sting.More than others can say.As for Nemecek,How can you make a decision if he hasnt played.Give the kid a break,as a matter of fact,any kids that sit as many games as he has,cant be properly assessed.i agree if you dont want to play them then dont waste an import pick
Too be honest I watch all the home games and been to alot of away games and your right after he was benched he did have a little more fire under him. BUT he has never changed his way of play always will be a high risk player at all times to be honest that is when he is effective. You need a puck handling D to carry it and that is what he brings. Is he always perfect and never screws up (never) should he limit his times and identify when to carry the puck up and when to dump it? (definatly) but that will come in time in the next couple of years this young kid will be solid force on our D.(IMHO)
my comment about bouch was he also is a high risk player that will shoot from anywhere on the ice (i love this about the kid) but last year defence wasnt his #1 priority but he has work on it and has become one of the best players on this team and through out the OHL.

With Nemchek, my opinion is that a import pick should be an impact player when he comes over immediatly (IMO) but also he is very young (1995) if he was a normal draft pick i have no issue with him as he will get better and he has started to realize that the is a big kid(6'4) and can use that to his advantage he would do well in then year or so. But to keep an import pick for a project i just dont see that (sorry).

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