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03-18-2013, 08:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Scott04 View Post
I prefer it this way. While it can be frustrating to an extent at times, it is absolutely hilarious just as often (if not more so). But I would rather the air tight approach to information than hearing things leak, or 8 million rumors about potential things the team is doing. The majority of the time, if we hear rumors, we know its garbage and not to worry ourselves about it. I would far prefer that to actually having to worry about each and every rumor and debate whether or not its worth it. I'm quite comfortable knowing not to take anything seriously that is speculated about this team until it happens.
I think the only thing that bugs me is this CIA level secrecy with injuries. I really don't see how it gives the team any kind of tactical advantage, and it just annoys the fans. What good reason was there to not just admit Marty had a pinched nerve. I mean ya we figured it out, but still. Same with Loki, they won't even give a general area of where his injury is.

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