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08-02-2006, 07:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Kanye West View Post
2 Seasons ago you were ALL on his ****, fantasizing about how great he would be, bleh blah blah, he was this and he was that, and he was finally coming through

Now he's the lowest of low, the crap of all crap and everything... I can name you 5players from last years team that i'dve gotten rid of before Ribeiro in 2 seconds

I can still name 5 players on this team, it just obviously takes me a bit more time.

So please all you Mikey haters...get off the boys back..he's obviously done something YOU HAVEN'T DONE to get recognized by our glorious franchise, and to be thought of as a 2nd line center for our team, something none of you can put on your resume.

So in conclusion again i say...please get off the dude's back...he's actually not going to get better because of your constant bickering and *****ing, he doesn't even get these posts sent to him. Still it's cowardly to talk of someone like this when he's not around to defend himself.

Good morning.

Unless I have missed reading the posts you are refering to, which is completely and likely possible, I think the issue people have is that they are uncomfortable with Ribs as the second line centre. I know I am, until proven otherwise.

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