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Originally Posted by Sentinel View Post
I can't believe you wrote that. What does SKILLSET have in common with ACHIEVEMENTS?

Again, this is not about who was the better player, but who was more talented. Fedorov and Lemieux were faster, stronger, and had better shot than Gretzky. Obviously, Gretz made up for all of those with his godlike vision and hockey sense, but as far as those skills listed, he can't hold a candle to either of them. Again: Gretzky was the best hockey player ever by a long shot, but as far as pure skill goes, 66 and 91 were better.
As someone else said and I alluded to earlier, size and speed are physical traits not skills. I might agree that Lemieux had a better shot, but the OP mentioned playmaking and hockey sense both of which Gretzky trumps him.

Regardless, I'm not saying Gretzky wins this by virtue of scoring more points I'm only saying that he had an amazing skillset. One of the most accurate shots ever with elite agility and the greatest playmaking skills of all time. He could score, dangle, pass, and was even a pretty good penalty killer. The stats are a reflection of his greatness, not the reason for it.

And my first point still stands - if Fedorov had a better shot than Gretzky why didnt he score more than he did? If he was an elite playmaker, why didnt he have more seasons with elite point production? He was one of the best skaters even and was excellent defensively. But compared to most the names on this list, he is well below in every other category listed by the OP.

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