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Originally Posted by KevFist View Post
Marco is the most boring interview ever. Then again, I talked to Josef Newgarden right before I talked to Marco. Marco's grown up a bit. He doesn't give off the spoiled brat vibe in person anymore, but he just seems to have no personality.

I think Dario gets his 4th 500 this year. If he doesn't get it, I honestly think it'll be someone like Sato or Vautier.

Power? Nope. Will Power breaks through and gets his championship this year. It's either Power or Dixon.

I don't see Graham finishing Top 5. dare I say I think James Jakes will have a better season.

I agree on Pagenaud. He and Vautier are such a likeable pair. And to make sure everyone pronounces it properly, it 's "VOH-tee-ay" not "VAW-tee-ay"

I also agree on Dinger. I think he goes full time in 2014 as well. He said at Media Day the only real reason he went to Cup was he wasn't sure of his Indycar ride. turns out he was right, because Forsyth didn't go to the IRL post merger.

I agree with you on Will Power. My feeling on him is that once he gets a win on an oval (his Texas 2011 race 2 win aside), that he'll break through and finally get his title. Right now, he's my pick for Indy. I can't see Team Penske having problems at Indy again this year.

I'd love to see Dixon get another Indy win, though it'd be really cool to see another 4-time winner.

I can understand Dinger's reasoning for going to Cup, consider how much of a mess open wheel was at that time. While I was angry at first, you can't really fault him for chasing not only the $$$ amount and for some type of stability. It didn't seem right him being behind the wheel of a Cup car. I'm really looking forward to seeing how he does behind the wheel of an IndyCar. I'd love to see him in IndyCar fulltime.

Kev, has there been any more rumors of any additions to the driver lineup this year? Or is everything pretty much set at this time?

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