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Originally Posted by Beau Knows View Post
This list is really interesting. When will the next list be done? What major changes do you guys see in the rankings?
I believe we're doing forwards this summer.

This list was done after the 08-09 season. Since then Brodeur, Lidstrom, Selanne, Ovi, Sid and Malkin have all done something noteworthy. I have Ovi in my top 70, though I doubt he'll make it. Selanne does have a chance, however. I doubt Brodeur jumps any higher. I don't think the '12 Cup run, further records or the extra Jennings will do much for the guys here.

Lidstrom's extra Norris will, however. Finishing twice more in the top ten in defensive scoring (including a second) as well as 1st and 2nd AS selection. He has a decent shot of making the top 15.

Thornton added an 8th in scoring. He also added a 2nd and 5th in assists. He'll likely finish top 10 in assists again this year.

Malkin added another Art Ross plus his first Hart. I have a hard time seeing the guys keeping a multiple Art Ross winner out of the top 70, but he's still young enough that I accept it. Also had another 1st AS selection.

Ovi won another Pearson. He added point finishes of 3 and 7. He added goal finishes of 3 and 5. He also added a 1st and 2nd AS selection.

Sid is Sid and it looks like he's gonna sweep the AS/Hart/Art Ross/Pearson race. Plus add a 1st AS.

I see Ovi and Sid joining the top 70. Selanne, Thornton and Malkin stand a chance too. Lidstrom likely jumps a few spots.

I see people re-evaluating Jagr. The further away we get from the late 90s the more dominant his play looks.

I'm most curious to see how we re-evaluate our top 10. I think the order of the Big Four is locked, but Beliveau might sneak into 5th.

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