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To give you a sense of how alien Park Chan-wook's Stoker is, there's a moment early on where Nicole Kidman's character suggests to her daughter that they go shopping together, and the word "shopping" hits like a slap across the face. The movie seems so much like a movie that it's impossible to fathom these characters doing anything remotely human, let alone something as mundane as a trip to the mall.
As the movie plays on and you get increasingly immersed in the world of Kidman, her daughter India and her dead husband's brother, the movie starts to work a little bit better, but there are still oddly jarring moments whenever the "real world" creeps in, such as when India is at school. So it goes with the rest of the film - it takes place in a seemingly indeterminate time period, mixing past and present styles (emphasizing its sheer movieness and its stylistic overload), and the overall feel of the movie is the Addams Family gone Stepford Wives with a Hitchcockian twist.
It's not a total bust. The acting is great all-around and the movie is gorgeous. Park Chan-wook directs with flair, but ultimately his showy style is let down by a script that underdelivers. The whole thing just seems out of whack, a failed experiment that I wanted to like more than I actually did.

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