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03-18-2013, 09:46 PM
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About the space thing: It's because Russia/Soviet chose to invest money into it. Sweden and Finland as small countries can not fund such projects without taking money from other things, and neither could USA or Soviet. Soviet was a 3rd world country and the people were starving, and the government decided to spend billions of dollars on a space program. When you think about it, was that the best way to spend the money? You may say short-sighted, we here think about surpressed russians who could say nothing about it or they would get shot, while the poor starved to death because the money went to space or military. 3rd world countries should aim at feeding the people. Maybe you're a big fan of north korea, they seem to want to spend money on flashy buildings instead of the well being of the people.

Sweden can not compete with any sports league of bigger countries because of our population. Most of the income comes from TV deals and commercial, and because of the population, commercials generates less money in Sweden and TV deals do not pay as much.

Sweden follows its stars in NHL. It's exciting to see how they fare against the best players in the world. In 50 years from now no hockey interested person outside of Russia will remember Radulov, but everyone will remember Datsyk, Malkin, Ovechkin. To take your "big fish in a small pond", that's Radulov.

Sweden will never be left in the dust, because Sweden produces some of the best players in the world. SEL will never be the best league in the world due to population as I've mentioned, and during the next 50 years neither will KHL (who knows after that, I don't even care).

What comes off as funny is you seem to think KHL is doing this for the good of european hockey.

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