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Originally Posted by adsfan View Post
Wow, Rockford in a brawl, again! First, Rockford and Chicago hate each other. Some Wolves fans refer to Rockford as the Northwest Hillbillies. Most of the comments in the other direction I can't repeat here, so settle for rich, big city snobs. You know those hockey fans, they have $20 bills hanging out of their pockets!

Yes, it is true that the two hockey organizations don't like each other at the NHL and AHL levels. It is also true that Rockford has 286 more PIMs than the next team in the Western Conference. That works out to about 5 more a game, every game.

Rockford had an April 1 brawl with Milwaukee last season when Rob Flick attacked goalie Jeremy Smith during a timeout. Flick thought it was funny after Brodie Dupont kicked his butt in the corner. Jeremy Smith picked himself up and got a few punches in on Flick. IIRC, Rockford had a brawl with Grand Rapids earlier this season.

You recall correctly

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