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12-23-2003, 10:11 AM
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Calling out the Tin-plated Marshall

I hereby challenge you to a third and final meeting for this weeks games. Under the same league rules we played under, submit your starting lineup on this thread by game time Saturday, I'll follow suit and we'll have an answer as to whom is better by Monday night. Winner-take-all (what exactly "all" is I don't know ).

I suggest we employ an impartial scorer to tally up my victory...uh...I mean the final score. It may be tough finding someone impartial because EVERYONE loves America's Team but I would suggest either baileyislandflyers, since he won the league title, or the Baroness. (Don't be scared Baron, you don't have to play, just keep score, ya wuss! )
Or maybe someone from the league will volunteer.

It'll be just like the 86 Cup finals...Calgary and Montreal went but everyone really wanted to see Edmonton and the Flyers.

As an added incentive, the loser must put the winners name under his avatar until the Super Bowl. I think it should say "(Winner) is a fantasy football genius", but maybe our Flyer brothers will lend some ideas.

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