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03-18-2013, 09:55 PM
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Originally Posted by VladNYC View Post
I suggest you look up the definition of the 3rd world. As you don't know what it means there is nothing much to say about the other nonsense in that part of your post.

I'm not saying you guys should compete with the KHL for which league is better, what I am saying it that now your club teams are inferior to clubs from Latvia, Slovakia, Czech, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine and soon to be worse than teams from Croatia and Italy If that is not getting left in the dust I don't know what is.
No actually, I suggest you do that. I consider it that you have absolutely no counter argument to the rest of that part though, which is hilarious. You'll see the world better if you take off those white blue and red glasses.

If KHL keeps expanding like this, SEL teams will become even better compared to KHL teams than they are today. As I've mentioned previously, there are not enough players to support a league like that. It will become a watered down league with talent spread between way too many teams. Either that or it will become like the football leagues, 1-4 teams that domiante and win each year. In which case SEL teams will do even better.

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