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03-18-2013, 09:59 PM
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Originally Posted by hockeyfreak7 View Post
What in the world is this? He's played a terrible half season here, and that means you sell him for anything? You don't just ditch players like that. If you trade him for a prospect and a pick, you realize there won't be any NHL impact for years, right?

This team has a solid core, and Coburn can contribute to it if we just build a proper foundation on the blueline. Trading Coburn for prospects is just boneheaded. If you want to package him for an upgrade on D, then great, but selling him for futures does absolutely nothing for this team. He's a solid piece, and any player we take in the mid to late first round (assuming we get a 1st for him) would be a gamble to even develop into the player that Coburn is.

Just an all around terrible idea to trade Coburn if we're not getting a top pairing guy in return. Just awful.
Half a season?!?!?!?!? Have you watched Coburn the past seven years? If so, you would know he is the MOST inconsistent defenseman on this roster. With Coburn you can expect the following:

1) He starts the season off poorly
2) He begins to get his game together and starts playing collectively better
3) Just when you think Coburn is about to turn the corner and play consistently, he ends up crapping the bed
4) He then collects himself and begins to start playing better after getting a demotion in ice time
5) By the time the last fifth of the season comes around, Coburn really begins to put it all together
6) Come playoff time, Coburn is firing on all cylinders and plays like an all wold defenseman

What we're seeing this year is what Coburn is really all about. They needed him to be ready from the get go and he's failed everyone on the team. I'm sorry, but he's been in the league now for seven seasons. Most defensemen usually have their games together by now. He doesn't. And it hasn't been half the season. It's been over 60% of the season now that he's been terrible. I'm done with Coburn and I hope they move him. I hope they send him packing and don't look back. At this point, I'd rather have Matt Carle back, that's how bad Coburn has been.

Everyone was so quick to throw Carle under a bus, but it's funny how Coburn gets a pass because "he's having a bad year" or "he's being used incorrectly." The man is making $4.5 million dollars a year and he's the number 4 guy on this team. He's redundant. Grossmann and Schenn have passed him and Coburn is a no longer needed. Package him off and let him be someone else's problem as they try to get him to play to his potential.

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