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03-18-2013, 10:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Fitzy View Post
See, I don't have an agenda. I don't try to make things or players look better or worse than they are. I call them as I see them.

My greater point with my previous post was that, if we're arguing Gaborik has lost all his speed, then we're arguing that he lost it all int he last 8 weeks.
Could have lost it between last season and this one. It's been far longer than 8 weeks. With no camp and what was undoubtedly limited conditioning due to his surgery. One burst of speed all season doesn't mean he can still turn it on. If he was actually trying to use his speed even every other or every third game and his explosive speed was noticeable, I think it'd be different. But he's playing like he wants out of here. How many other times so far have you said "Wow, Gaborik sure is fast" outside of that Boston game? Maybe 3 or 4 shifts all season? Just because he was known for speed doesn't mean he's going to keep that speed forever. By that logic, I could argue that his hip injuries could be flaring up since his lower body has been known to be fragile and that's why he hasn't been doing much this season.

What I don't understand is: How haven't these (almost) 30 games served as a time to shake off the rust for players? How come someone who is renowned for his speed like Gaborik hasn't been able to use it on anything even close to a consistent basis?

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