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03-18-2013, 10:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Ottomatic View Post
Spits should try and get their bid monies back and bow out.

As for player recruitment - N.Dakota had a underage drink/hazing incident from earlier this year. I don't think Schmaltz the younger was ever going to come over anyways though, but this is the nail in that coffin if there was even a faint hope.

There is no accountability on this team. Starts at the top with the coaches wanting to be buddies with the players, the whole treating them like pros, being called by their first names etc.

I'll be very interested to know what other players were there with Johnson.
I have been very critical of the coaching staff and management but I will say this unfortunately they can't keep tabs on players 24-7. Obviously some players can handle things in a mature manner but there are some that don't make the best decisions. The coaching staff can't exactly give them drug testing or alcohol testing either. You just hope the players make wise choices. When the team was winning the players lived it up but the only concern with the coaching staff was making sure the players got to the arena in one piece. This current group and some of those players need supervision. I would hope there is somebody on that team or a coach that is livid he will make it be known this type of garbage isn't acceptable. This is two years of bad hockey and some individuals acting the fool and the garbage needs to stop.

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