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Originally Posted by Guess What View Post
Sorry but am I missing something where you're calling these wins and scores out here because I saw nothing that made me think NY can win.
If you dont think we can win, you dont know New York. This is a pivotal point in the season. Perhaps the most pivotal, where we rise from being mediocre and take charge of our destiny. A destiny that will carry us to great feats. I know the PP isnt great, The scoring isnt there, were really not playing well. But tomorrow night will mark the point in the season where the NY Rangers change all that. What you have been witnessing is a slight of hand, a deceitful practice, because we New York Rangers know we are better than that. So your cornered into a corner, we have only two options, Fight or flight, and New York dosent do flight. We do fight, and to the death it shall be, against a devil on ice, For as you slay the devil so the rest of the season goes. So you must ask, do the Rangers want the season to fade away, or do they want the season to turn into a miraculous one. Well ill tell ya, that even softy Gab will be on his A game tomorrow night. For he like the rest of the Rangers know, as i know, and now you know, the pivotal moment has arrived. And a cornered Ranger is a dangerous Ranger, even against a horned Devil. So forget the stats and lace up your boot straps, Tomorrow night is the night.

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