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03-18-2013, 10:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Khris Creider View Post
Maybe your just looking at his stats but take a look.. Gaborik Has 2 goals in the last 22 games. The first give games, he score a hattrick and had a two goal game..

Maybe its just me but I dont care about his past, he's had some pretty good seasons for us but, if he sucks now he sucks..., Point Blank. He is not helping this team at all.. I hate his effort, he's lazy and does not fit Torts system. Sure maybe he can come back from this slump but hes always invisible even when he does score like I've stated before. Maybe he needs a coach that is for him.

I would rather have a 25-30 goal scorer with a cheaper contract that plays hard, hits and plays defense rather than a player who can score 45, thats soft and does no contribute on the other side of his game. Maybe if we didn't have Rick Nash I would hesitate a little just to see if he will bounce back, but we have some pretty decent scores behind Nash... (Hagelin and Callahan) We just need bottom 6 scoring pretty much and were pretty good.

Don't shoot me down cause this is what I believe, but I believe we should trade Gaborik some how.. I think we could get a second liner and a bottom 6 player for Gaborik. Maybe its just me.
My issue is the criticism of Gaborik. Calling him soft and invisible. But who has been visible other than Nash? Callahan here and there can be very visible. But are we talking on the scoresheet or with the physical play. At this point I don't care about the physical play. YES, OBVIOUSLY you need physical play and players. So that's great having callahan as well as some others. But including tonight, they have been outscored 10-3 in the last 4 games. Right now goal scoring is important. Gaborik provides that whether he is soft or not. Yeah you can mention his 2 goals in the last 22 games...well who else has been scoring? Even Nash has slowed down compared to what he was doing. However, yes nash can go out and take players one on one with his big size, but you're fooling yourself if you expect Gaborik to do the same. Gaborik doesn't have the size Nash does. The rest have been a crap shoot.

To your points, did you hate Pavel Bure? I'm not being mean with this, but was he before your time? That guy was electric at times. But he was also very soft and floated a lot...a big reason for his "exciting" breakaways. Did Gaborik not help this team last year? I laugh when you say invisible when he scores. This isn't Alex Rodriguez hitting a homerun in the 8th inning when the yankees are up or down by a lot. Gaborik's goals when he scores are a big factor. Was he invisible when he scored in the 3rd OT against washington? Or when he scored in OT against Boston, Florida, and NYI last year?

How many 25-30 goal scorers who hit and play defense are out there on cheap contracts? I'd love to know? List them for me. It's ridiculous.

What you're doing is nitpicking because you don't like him. I can understand the idea of trading gaborik because he has one year left after this one and you'd like to get some assets back for him, but don't start badgering the guy because he isn't the perfect all around player that Torts has converted you and some other fans into loving and expecting in every single player that holds a roster spot here. The NHL consists of a variation of player types. The sooner you realize this the better you'll understand the concept of building a team.

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