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03-18-2013, 11:01 PM
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Originally Posted by flyershockey View Post
I'm not denying that he's been handed a tough role, but that's what comes with his salary. Plus, he's shown at times that he's capable of fulfilling that role in previous years. He just hasn't shown any consistency which is frustrating. He's not a young guy anymore, and he needs to either get it together or be moved. He can't be called a top four guy in any regards if he's only going to do it for small stretches at a time.
That's what comes w/ his salary? Nicklas Grossmann showed the ability to be a decent/good defenseman in Orange and Black for what? Less than half a year? And he got 3.5M per year over 4 years. I don't understand how all these expectations come with Coburn's 4.5M salary.

I totally agree that he's played like crap this year, but acting like because he gets paid 4.5M per year he should be some all world defenseman is a little disingenuous. 4.5M isn't that much. If you look at others with comparable cap hits, you'll see some better (Bieksa, Hamhuis), some worse (Ballard, Komisarek, Garrison), and similar (Martin, Hainsey). 4.5M is about fair IMO for the type of player Coburn has been these past few years. At some points he's looked like he's worth more than 4.5M and at some points he's looked like he's worth less, but all in all the reason why Coburn is only paid 4.5M instead of a higher salary in because of that inconsistency.

For all of that "inconsistency" though, there's been very few points in his career where he's looked like a 3rd pairing D. Even right now, I think he'd look a whole lot better if you dialed his minutes back to Grossmann type minutes (roughly 4 less minutes per game) and put him out there regularly against an opponent's 2nd and 3rd lines instead of consistently matching him up w/ an opponents 1st and 2nd lines.

Again, he's been terrible this year, but I think there's way too much piling on Coburn right now. The cap hit argument isn't really a good/fair one IMO. If we're criticizing anyone for their production relative to cap hit, we should be going after Meszaros.

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