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08-02-2006, 12:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Shabutie View Post
You're one of the few people who know what they are talking about on this subject, so I applaud you. I tried bringing this up a while ago, but no one bought into it... When it comes to anything that might sound as a Ribs' excuse, people just won't listen.

I am 100% sure that Ribs' is an Ectomorph (I'd say 95% of the NHL are either Meso or Endo). We don't know how hard that he works in the gym, or how well he takes his nutrition, but I doubt that the staff (Scott) isn't helping him out in both domains. I don't think we should expect him to ever get up to 200pds, but 185 is possible (though I would expect 180).
I can't really side with you 100% because as I have been mentioning, I don't have all the facts. As such I can't say I'm on one camp or the other. I probably lean towards your end more than the other but otherwise... I aslo think 180 is realistic. But as others mentioned, I hope he works more on his foot speed since I rather see that go up than his body mass, but just like his body mass, you never know what his limits when it comes to footspeed. Such is life.

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