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08-02-2006, 01:03 PM
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Originally Posted by BigCanada77 View Post
I see where you're coming from, but I dont think its silly to think like that.
Look at it from this prespective. You want to replace Prucha, who scored 30 goals (14 at ES & 16 on the PP), with Hall, who scored 14 goals (4 at ES & 10 on the PP). Look at those numbers. Does this sound logical to you?
If Prucha plays with Shanahan, and Shanahan puts up 40 goals, dont you think that would be at the expense of goals for Prucha?
Why? Who says that Prucha still does not net 30? Or maybe they both net 30. Moving a 30 goal scorer down a line just becuase of Shanny's presence does not make any sense.
All I'm saying is IMO i think the second line will do marginally better with Prucha on it compared to without, BUT the third line will do significantly better with Prucha on it compared to without.
I understand what you are saying, but don't you think that if it was such a great idea, that all NHL teams would start to skate 30 goal scorers on the 3rd line? There is a reason why you cannot name one team that does. That is becuase there are none. Do you really think that by doing this, the Rangers have discovered some hidden way to win?
Prucha might not do better than last year if he's on the third line, but the Third line will, and in turn so will the Rangers as a whole.
Do you suppose there is a reason why Havlat plays on the top-2 lines and not on the 3rd? Or Tanguay? Or Hedjuk? What you are proposing to do is to limit the ES minutes that our 2nd leading goal scorer played. That in itself makes little sense. What are the chances that the Devils will move Gionta down to the 3rd line so that they have more balanced scoring?

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