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08-02-2006, 01:03 PM
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I'm still on summer-hiatus, so I'm not really willing to get too into this. However, I will say that Roszival's hit stats are about as misleading as his blocked shots and +/-.

The stats in this league are an absolute joke because most, if not all, are without context and specific meaning. Every rink in the league is responsible for taking stats, hence there are 30 different ways that these stats are being taken. A hit in one rink does not count in another, and that goes for blocked shots, giveaways, takeaways and even faceoffs(!).

How many times did you see Ortmeyer block 6 shots in one shift (let alone the rest of the period or game), yet only receive credit for 3 by games end? The same went for Hollweg and hits; the guy would crank three players in one 40 second span and end up with 2 hits for the entire game.

Each arena also has it's own agenda, and unfortunately the stats usually favour the home team, regardless of whether it is a true reflection of the game or not.

Even if the stats were accurate/unbiased, that still leaves the issue of context. A player in this league, today, can make a fortune by manipulating the stats all the while playing ****** hockey. Sure the guy had an outstanding +/- or so many hits and blocked shots, but the stats fail to tell the whole story, and for those that only view the stats they're led to believe only what they can see on paper. You only need to look at tsn's article on the Roszival signing to see it...after reading one was left to believe the Rangers were/are utter fools for waiting to sign Roszival for so long.

I have absolutely no faith in statistics for the above reasons.

Sorry, I know it's a tangent to the discussion, but I had to say it.

...back to invisible one-line comments for another two months.

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