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03-19-2013, 12:06 AM
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Originally Posted by NYI JT91 View Post
Agree with all, except the condensed schedule. Maybe a bit more then usual but not like this year.. In a full season a lot more injuries would occur. I say condense a little and drop season to 80 games especially if players will be playing longer OTs. One thing I really want changed is something needs to be done with penalties being taken at the end of OT because players know they will get away with it being there's only a few seconds left. In OT or regulation (in a non tied game) penaltys should have to be played out for the full 2 minutes or 4 etc.. or until penalty is negated by the team with the PP scoring a goal or the team with the PP takes a penalty. If the same team continues to take penalties then the game does not end until all penalties have expired. Example : 3-2 Rangers 10 seconds remain in 3rd period Nash pulls down Tavares and Islanders score a minute later the game stops and then goes to OT. IF Nash pulls down Tavares then 30 seconds later Richards takes a Penalty and then we score before Nash's penalty expires and richards is still in the box and we score again then Islanders win game over ( That would be so sweet by the way!). Same goes for OT except first goal would obviously end the game. Now I said if team with PP takes penalty then game or OT would stop obviously in the 3rd period the game would stop and everything would carry to OT like usual but if the same situation happens at the end of OT instead of the game ending because the penalties was each other out I believe the team that takes the negating penalty should then also have to wait until their penalty expires ( Or else otherwise we could run into the same problem we tried to fix in the first place)
YES! I've had this idea for over 5 years now. The game cannot end when the team in the lead is shorthanded. I'm sure I've said this on this board in the past just don't feel like hunting it down. It's ridiculous how many liberties players take with seconds left and no repercussions. You can't foul a guy in basketball if you are up by one point because the foul shots are giving them a chance to win the game. You shouldn't be able to hog tie a player either with 2 seconds left. It's an EASY fix! A little bit of logistics to figure out but it needs to happen!

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