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03-19-2013, 01:15 AM
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Originally Posted by LiquidSnake View Post
My apologies, I didnt see the question as I stopped paying attention to this thread after a while until you bumped it today.

I dont consider those in the 1 minute videos you posted to be drunken yelling. no.

But I've seen the Southsiders first hand, and yes they are drunken idiots. Absolutely annoying.

So kudos to you if you like these fools at Canucks games. I sure as hell find their annoying chants that involve profanity and plaguirizing of other teams' songs to be labored and coming off as trying to hard to be cool.
I'm not a southsider, and I'm not defending them or condoning any unpleasant actions they may have done - although from my attendance at Whitecaps games, I have not found them particularly belligerent.

But excuse me if I like a little bit of atmosphere at a game, like the ones I have shown previously. Excuse me if I go to a game and wonder if I've entered a library by mistake.

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