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03-19-2013, 01:39 AM
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Originally Posted by King of the ES View Post
Newsflash for "faceoff percentage" trumpeters: if you're "winning" (typically undefined, anyway) between 45 - 54% of faceoffs - IE, practically the entire league's range - you're winning 1 of 2 faceoffs. Nothing more, nothing less. Is Max Lapierre, at 50.4%, really any better than Hodgson, at 46.1%? The answer is no, not really. That means that out of 100 draws taken, Lapierre will probably "win" 4 more than Cody will. "Win", of course, mostly being undefined and 50/50, anyway, and 4/100 "better" amounts to 1 draw every 2 or 3 games.

Faceoff % is just another example of the unnecessary analysis for the sake of analysis amongst these so-called "advanced statisticians". In almost all cases, it's just not going to affect a game's outcome that much.

And as for your last paragraph - Roberto Luongo's also requested a trade, why hasn't Gillis dealt with that? Why did he feel so compelled to dump Cody Hodgson as soon as he could, yet he's taking a diametrically different strategy with Lou?
To dump Cody as soon as he could???

He held onto him for an entire year. The issues were on-going, the rumour is the request was asked for after the finals. MG held onto him until his value was high enough to bring back a young player with high upside.

If that trade was available at the beginning of the year I bet he would have made the deal.

And faceoff percentage, yes 50% is better than 46%. You can act like this stuff is irrelevant all you want, but even last game, he lost a faceoff and Ovechkin scored off the draw, his loss directly resulted in a GA. and being on the 1st unit for everything, that will happen alot.

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