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03-19-2013, 01:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Joey Moss View Post
20 games left...

vs. San Jose
vs. St.Louis
@ Nashville
@ St.Louis
vs. Columbus
vs. Vancouver
vs. Calgary
@ Calgary
@ Vancouver
@ Los Angeles
@ Anaheim
vs. Phoenix
vs. Calgary
vs. Minnesota
@ Colorado
vs. Anaheim
vs. Anaheim
@ Chicago
@ Minnesota
vs. Vancouver

Bolded are the absolute have to win games as they are the one's we SHOULD win.

If we go at least 6-7 in the other games we will make the playoffs. If you lose against any of the teams you MUST win against then you gotta make up for it in a tougher schedule. That record would be 13-7 the rest of the way.

I gotta say that makes it look nearly impossible. Hard to believe they'll beat the arch nemesis Flames 3 times. I agree with others who have said Columbus is playing well... they haven't lost in regulation in their last 10 games. That's impressive for any team.. not just the supposedly junk BJ's. They can legitimately make it in if they keep that up.

San Jose, Phoenix and Colorado obviously aren't pushovers. San Jose was legitimately looking like a true Cup contender basically a month ago... Phoenix is always tough to grind out a win against and Colorado could go either way. I don't think Colorado ***** the bed against the Oilers in their own rink again... of course it could happen but I doubt it... I think they'll be out for some spoiler action by that point in the season as well.

The other "tougher games"... 3 vs the Canucks... never easy games obviously, 3 vs Anaheim... ridiculously tough to win those this year.

2 vs Wild who are getting better as the season goes on, 1 vs Chicago... forget about it... LA, same story.

2 vs the Blues are basically a lost cause.

That leaves the 1 game vs the Preds which "should" be a relatively easy game to grab 2 pts... let's hope Kostitsyn is back in the lineup for that one.

Honestly, without sounding overly pessimistic, I can't see the team realistically getting more than 20 pts in those 20 remaining games. They've been a pt below .500 on the road and a pt above .500 at home so far and I see that continuing.

If the team gets to 48 pts, that would be equivalent of 82 pts in an 82 game season... that's about the best I can see them doing at this point.

I've gotta stay pessimistic as possible as it's been working these last few games. The more I think they will **** the bed every game, the more points they manage to squeeze out.

Sharks are going to chew them up and turn them into fish-**** tomorrow.

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