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03-19-2013, 01:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Daryl Katz Fan Club View Post
100% wrong.

Any strategy deployed by the inept is risky. Risk is judged relative to skill

The strategies which are beyond the ability of the less skilled, and are more likely to cause catastrophe in their hands, are called risky by them. For the skilled, performing these difficult manouvers regularly and successfully is how they win.

Example: Leaving Chris Pronger on the point alone on the power play.
Naysayer: Oh, it's too risky!
Pronger: I'm the man, don't worry about it
Scoreboard: 1-0 Oilers
The risk is still there, and using Pronger as an example only suits your argument as he was one of the best defensemen in the league.

You're saying that risky plays are actually smart plays given the circumstance and the skillset of the player. But you can't tell me that a long outlet pass, a pass through several players, skating coast to coast, leaving one man on the point is less risky than say.. dumping the puck, ringing the puck along the boards or having two men set up on the blueline.

The Oilers in the 80's is a prime example of team employing high risk plays. And it's turnover rate per game was high as a result.

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