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Originally Posted by eva unit zero View Post
Fedorov post-lockout... who did he play with?

Hmm. Mediocre teammates in Columbus. Often played separately from Nash, Vyborny, and Zherdev; the only other offensively noteworthy forwards.

After being traded to Washington, Fedorov was generally used in a defensive capacity first and foremost to allow the Ovechkin line to flourish unhindered. He rarely saw ice with Ovechkin, Backstrom, and Green.

Selanne at this time... was being fed passes by two of the three best defensemen in the league. A couple years later, he was afforded the luxury of playing WITH first-line skill (Koivu, and later also Ryan) in an offensive capacity, but not on the first line. Meaning less resistance from the opposition, and more likelihood he would score.

Again; if you reverse their positions and give Fedorov the high-end teammates and linemates and the primary objective of scoring, rather than stopping the opposition from scoring, I bet that he would have put up that additional 100 points in 260 games.
THe thing is that you have all these scenarios figured out. If Fedorov would have the same opportunities than Selanne he would have excelled better. First of all, there is no way of knowing what would have happened, but if you give Fedorov the same production just by snapping you'r fingers, I give Selanne the same Play-Off production by snapping mine.

How about now? They have roughly the same offensive production past lockout and roughly the same play-off production pre lockout. Which one takes the cake?

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