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03-19-2013, 02:06 AM
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Originally Posted by TimeForAnOilChange View Post
Wow, easy peasy eh? We just need this, that and the other thing to all happen, nothing to it.

Even if all of that happens, we still need to keep winning to stay in, which is what i was trying to say originally, we have to go on a tear and rip off 8-10 in a row because every single game in the west has at least 1 team getting 2pts, and thats not even counting all the 3pt games. Which means we are either losing ground with every Oiler loss or just keeping pace with every Oiler win.
If we rip off 8 - 10 in a row, we'll be leading the Northwest and in the playoffs by a hefty margin. As weird as it sounds, of the teams sitting from 6th - 14th, only two were better over the last 10 games. One (Dallas) had the same number of points. It isn't going to take something crazy like winning 8 games in a row. If we can get 10 points in our next 10 games we're holding ground. Holding our ground isn't good enough though, 6 or 7 wins in our next 10, and we'll be in the top 8 at that point, unless a few teams ahead of us go on a tear.

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