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03-19-2013, 03:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Momesso View Post
He's played only a few games though. But he's the only guy down there with a big-league shot. And he's got size.
In a lot of respects i agree. But there is a catch.

Jensen is just fresh back from Sweden where they play on the big ice. Putting the guy on the small is with AHL players is one thing. Throwing him into the fire with NHL players who are out there to hurt...not a safe thing. I hope Jensen adjusts quickly so we can see him up with the Canucks sooner rather than later. But i don't want to risk his future by bringing him up while he's still in 'big ice mode' and gets his brains scrambled by some ******** 4th liner for Minnesota or whoever who is out to make a name for himself.

People underestimate the fact that Jensen's internal clock in terms of time and space is going to be way off from what you'd see in the NHL...and how dangerous that could potentially be for a skilled offensive player like him.

The other thing is is you really want to call him up to play with a group of centers who are barely AHL capable in Ebbett/Schroeder/Lapierre? I about ways to destroy confidence.

Originally Posted by PG Canuck View Post
Exactly why he's not ready to play on the Canucks, or deserve a callup yet, he hasn't played enough games. I'm just saying, Jensen needs to show more ES with the Wolves before he's getting recalled. When the Wolves management is saying themselves he's not ready for a recall, he's not ready for a recall.
The whole ES thing is complete **** as far as i'm concerned. It's the above that makes it a prudent move to not call up Jensen at the moment. It's the future.

I'm extremely high on Jensen...but i don't think he's ready to be the difference maker on an NHL roster yet. And to put him in a place where he's physically in danger, and his confidence is likely to be rattled by our absolutely embarrassing NHL center just a stupid idea.

Originally Posted by Tiranis View Post
Well, I guess the Wolves GM doesn't know what he's talking about either. Good to know.

Of all the things you could've picked that Jensen does bring, you pick hustle? That's like one of the few things he DOESN'T bring. What's next he can bring some physicality?
tbh the Wolves GM Young probably doesn't know wtf he's talking about. Just look at the team being iced there right now, and honestly...idgaf what he says about the NHL potential of players we have there at this point.

He's out to win an AHL banner. And that's great, but he's ****ing over our prospects in the process, and i really don't care at all what he has to say about Jensen. If the guy had a legitimate eye for NHL talent, he'd be more than an AHL GM at this point. He flat out sucks.

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