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Originally Posted by Tiranis View Post
Find me one player that this has been the case for. Good players are a factor at ES in the AHL. Jensen is not.
Are you really going to reach here in order to be right about something

hes not ineffective at ES, he just isn't sparkling and hes very close (as in this year). we're not talking about a player who simply isn't capable.

Did i say ALLLLLL of his points would be on the PP? lol the guy hasn't even played in the ahl for long enough, its a small sample size. He could easily be more of a PP contributor and adapt up here instead of down there, theres no need to adapt up here, so i dont care if he stays down a little longer, my point is, his goals being on the PP doesn't mean anything. There are alot of guys who depend on the PP to rack up alot of their points. Hell in the first 20 games, kadri had a whopping 5 goals in 22 games at ES in the AHL. I believe Jensen might have close to that come the 22 game mark.

You actually gave me a list in order to prove how good Schroeder was and how all these other stars were basically getting all their points on the PP.

Are you really going to stat scout and tell me jensen couldn't come up here and produce because he hasn't yet with the scrubs down in Chicago at ES? Watching him play , its obvious he has the tools and size and smarts in order to be in the NHL. So hes just got to fine tune a couple things and he could join the canucks. if you think theyre worrying about his actual goal total at ES. You care far too much about stats. Because i can bet theyre watching him play and decisions he makes, etc - whether thats translating into goals or chances, doesn't matter. some people do better at the NHL level than they do in the AHL.

Theres a reason why Hodgson was brought up so quickly without producing like a mad man like they make other people do before getting called up. Their raw skills are evident

Not sure why you even argue because we both agree he should stick down there a bit before getting a call up.

Edit -- Cody Hodgson for example. Just because its off the top of my head, he started the year. Had 19 points in 19 games, a point per game this year. You thought that wasn't too impressive compared to Schroeder. Schroeder was doing extremely well at ES. Hodgson is now a point per game in the NHL and most of his points in the AHL were on the PP, on top of them being assists.

Point is, in a small sample size. A player can start the year with most of his points/goals on the PP and that in NO WAY , say that he is not NHL ready. Many other things say he isn't quite ready. My point is, its not his goal totals at ES vs PP.

If you do believe ES play is all that matters. Guess Hodgson wouldnt' have been called up on your team this year..

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