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03-19-2013, 02:38 AM
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Originally Posted by leaponover View Post
YES! I've had this idea for over 5 years now. The game cannot end when the team in the lead is shorthanded. I'm sure I've said this on this board in the past just don't feel like hunting it down. It's ridiculous how many liberties players take with seconds left and no repercussions. You can't foul a guy in basketball if you are up by one point because the foul shots are giving them a chance to win the game. You shouldn't be able to hog tie a player either with 2 seconds left. It's an EASY fix! A little bit of logistics to figure out but it needs to happen!
So no dirty play in hockey? You don't think the refs would engineer outcomes to give, say, the Pens a chance to benefit from a farcical rule like that?

Someone plays dirty, the clock moves, hopefully the refs rule on it bt if not, it's hockey.

So we're up 3-2 against the Rag$. Nash dives and gets a penalty at 19:40 and the Rag$ have 20 seconds to tie......or 2:00 to tie in your realm. Sounds great. Think about it. A smart coach has his players goading and diving, whatever it takes to claw back, correct?

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