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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
Who's lumping everything into the "bad linemates basket"? Between what he was asked to do, who he was asked to do it with, and who was doing the asking, in each city along the way mind you, there's a lot to look at if someone needs an explanation for how a Fedorov scoring only 60-some points in his early 30s during the DPE could get underrated by spreadsheet warriors a decade after the fact.
All-right. I guess i get where you are going on for now.

I just addressed the comment in which Eva gave Fedorov 100+ more points by just lumping him in Selanne's place post lockout. I am not saying it is impossible that Fedorov makes up for the 100 points he is behind Selanne. But I do think it is unfair to just make the claim like it is a fact.

I can also make a statement that Selanne would have been Fedorov's equal in play-offs given a chance. I don't like this kind of arguing and that is why i lifted it up.

I agree that Fedorov's offense suffered cause he often was asked to do something else than score. That is something Selanne can't say, cause he was basically useless when he was not scoring.

I still am not sure which one of these two should be considered higher on all-time list. Maybe i don't even need the answer if the next project is about wingers and centers differently. But these two are very comparable in the sense of overall career value.

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