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03-19-2013, 03:03 AM
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Originally Posted by zeus3007 View Post
If we rip off 8 - 10 in a row, we'll be leading the Northwest and in the playoffs by a hefty margin. As weird as it sounds, of the teams sitting from 6th - 14th, only two were better over the last 10 games. One (Dallas) had the same number of points. It isn't going to take something crazy like winning 8 games in a row. If we can get 10 points in our next 10 games we're holding ground. Holding our ground isn't good enough though, 6 or 7 wins in our next 10, and we'll be in the top 8 at that point, unless a few teams ahead of us go on a tear.
Lol, nope, we are 6pts back of minny right now (i know, doesnt sound like much right?), BUT, and this is what people cant seem to figure out, we need to win 3 in a row AND they have to lose 3 in a row JUST TO TIE, do you really think even THAT is a possibility (and dont give me the "anything is possible" rhetoric, even that is a long shot, and thats just to tie, not take the lead (AND its not even taking into account that van can still take the lead again during those 3 games).

Anyways, this is why we have to win a bunch in a row, if we win lets say 8 in a row, we would be at 44 pts, minny is at 34 right now, so they would have to go .500 in their next 10 games just for us to tie them, and like i said, thats not even taking van into the equation, and once again, we arent even close to minny for the tie breaker either (although we're only 1 behind van, so we would almost want them to be in the lead at that time).

Point is, ANY game you lose from here on out is going to be demoralizing. Cant afford to lose any for a while, do you really think that will happen with this team, despite how they've played lately? Not trying to be pessimistic, just realistic.

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