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Originally Posted by StanGrossman View Post
Friedman in his 30 thoughts talked about how all the GMS are complaining that the sellers prices are way too high right now.
This happens every year. And the prices that are paid at the deadline are too much. The real 'winners' of the deadline are the GMs who can identify talent that has yet to break out, and add it to their lineup.

Higgins and Lappy were beautiful examples of a GM 'winning' the deadline. But since those two...Gillis hasn't won anything there. He needs to get back to downtrodden players with significant upside, as opposed to players who were 'really good once upon a time' and trying to buy in to get them to be the same thing now. a la Last Year.

Originally Posted by Tiranis View Post
That's a guy you pick up and then half the fanbase complains because he has the same problem as Booth: not converting on chances and can't pass the puck. 1 goal, 3 points in last 15 games... Definitely a good player though, just don't know that people have realistic expectations for an acquisition like that.
You're absolutely out of your mind if you wouldn't swap Booth for Clarkson right now though. There's no reason NJ would do so...but it's a no-brainer trade. You do that all day every day. Clarkson not only offers things Booth doesn't come close to away from the puck in toughness categories and defensive awareness...he also puts the puck in the net. Something Booth hasn't shown he can do here.

But again, NJ would be braindead to do that sort of deal.

So no, he's not like Booth.

Originally Posted by Sergei Shirokov View Post
Jordan Schroeder?

Everyone wants to toss him around in deals, yet they complain about the Grabner and Cody deals.

So much contradiction in the complaints of MG among Canucks fans.
The difference isn't a 'contradiction'. It's the fact that Schroeder just hasn't shown anything close to the offensive upside of Hodgson or Schroeder. Canucks fans like prospects who have huge upside and are able to score goals. Schroeder really hasn't shown any of that yet and is also tiny and easily pushed off the puck defensively by big strong forwards to boot...THAT is why people are eager to throw him into proposals to deal him.

Not that many fans were keen on shipping out Grabner or Hodgson until it happened and the press machine convinced a bunch of people they were GREAT trades and we WON THE DAY!!!

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