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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
Time flys, how many recognize the goalie OL scores on as havin played 130+ games for HFD and like a handful of games in NY?

I remember when Holm was pimped on the AOL board by Wolfie, who then switched to pimping Asplund. Then he began pimping Lundqvist, and I was very skeptical at first because the first two werent great in my mind.

He then called Lundqvist "the next Holmqvist" and when I pointed out that Holm (at that point) never yet played in the NHL, so prospects shouldnt be compared to him, he argued that the fact that Holm was doing well in various junior tournaments is proof of something great.

Long story short, I came out very unconvinced about Lundqvist, but his total domination of the SEL, which quickly followed my debate with Wolfie, sold me big time because Lundqvist was the most amazing goalie in the SEL history, having set most of the major records. Tommy Salo, then-recently out of the NHL, had a full goal more per game as Lundqvist's backup.

I was sold enough to draft Lundqvist in my fantasy league in 2005 before he played his first game. I was mocked for two months, as the Rangers chose to go back to Weekes despite Lundqvist's immediate amazing play. By Christmas, the mocking ended.

The Next Holmqvist won the starting job.

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