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03-19-2013, 04:52 AM
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Originally Posted by TimeForAnOilChange View Post
Yup, 6-0-4 and still in 13th...sure they are only 2 pts out, but like you just said, they have gone 10 straight games in which they got at least a point (16pts out of a possible 20) and they are still in 13th, which was what i've been trying to tell you guys about the Oilers chances, they have to win a s***load in a row (and no 3pt games) just to get into 8th, since (and this is the point that everybody is STILL overlooking), EVERY game in the west has at least 1 team getting 2pts (so, that means half the conference is getting points every game, which makes it tough to make up ground).

It would be different if it was a normal year where you have games against the east teams, but its not...not sure why people cant figure this out...and dont get me wrong, i want them to make it and it definitely looks much better than it did a week ago, but its still a long ways away and we need a lot of help too, basically the stars have to line up for us to make it, thats all i'm saying.
Yea and they were 5-12-2 last in the entire nhl before the run and now in contention . Does not mean teams ahead of us are going to steadily get 2 points. The fact is we are 2 points out of 8th The only teams ahead of us right now in winning % is SJ PHX Dallas ahead of us for 8th and final spot any combination of us winning and them losing we jump ahead with just 1 win.So right now we need to make up only 1 win against these front runners for last play off spot to move into 8th,
Like I have told you before we have 12 home games 8 away San jose has 11 home 9 road their road record is 4-9-2 Phx who has played 1 more game has 8 at home 11 on road their road record is 3-7-3

Dallas has 10 home and 10 away and the best road record of the 3 at 7-6-1 . It comes down to how strong we play at home . We have to keep current pace at winning against teams below us and 1 win better than all these three teams ahead of us to snag 8th.

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