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03-19-2013, 07:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Chris Hansen View Post
Refs hand the game to Denver. Worst 45 seconds of NBA officiating I've seen since the Sacramento/Lakers series in '02... now that's saying something.
I was at the game, and I was completely stunned the call was overturned with the use of video review by that crooked officiating crew.

Yeah, the Bulls should not have let Wilson Chandler make the game a dunk contest, but the Bulls earned the right to have a 120-119 lead with 1.7 seconds left. In the NHL, guys get suspended without pay all the time. This needs to happen with officiating in all major sports starting now. These guys need credibility. I don't understand how you make the correct call on the floor and then overturn it when you have slow-mo replays and better looks at the play. That just reeks of rigging. It was a great game, but I am spending more money on the NHL now since I feel the officiating, though not great, is still more reliable and honest than the NBA.

**** you, Stern.

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