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03-19-2013, 08:24 AM
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There is some kind of curse when it comes to Norwegians and the NHL. Just not going to happen.
Bjørn Skaare - played one game, got injured and decided himself he wasn't ready although Red Wings wanted him on the team. When back to IHL? and never came back. Died in a traffic accident way too young.
Espen Knutsen - unfortunate bounce of the puck with fatal injury of spectator. Head first in the boards and career ending injury during / post lock out.
Patrick Thoresen - almost? lost a nut while covering a shot from the blueline. Never got the contract he deserved.
Anders Myrvold - on his way back to the NHL but got in some last minute visa trouble.
Holøs - had some unvise blog comments as I can recall- didn't bother fight back up from the AHL.
Olimb - hurt in fight with teammate - went back.
Zuke - injured when he finally was doing as he was told, and in Torts plans, now he's stuck it seems.
Tollefsen - not bothered it seems, even though offers were there.

As comes to the draft pick most likely to end up in the NHL - Søberg (GK) decided not show up on camp, leave his WHL junior team while under contract and went back Oslo without his playing card. Having a good season, but history is not with him.

Good thing is our national team ends up with NHL skilled players.

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