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03-19-2013, 08:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Psuhockey View Post

Edit: if the rumors were true that the Flyers liked Siemens more than Hamilton, I could see them ranking Nurse higher than Jones.
Possible, but I'd be surprised. Hamilton was not necessarily considered a franchise-caliber defenseman even at his draft, right?

It would be more like the Flyers preferring Siemens over Larsson, which we have no reason to believe was the case.

The more I hear / read about Nurse, the more I could accept that as a decent consolation prize for a lost season.

Assuming that the Flyers pick somewhere between 4-9 or so, and assuming that Jones, MacKinnon, and Drouin are all off the board in some order, that would seem to leave the following as the next best available (in alphabetical order):

- Barkov
- Lindholm
- Monahan
- Nichushkin
- Nurse
- Ristolainen

Originally Posted by FLYguy3911 View Post
Agreed. Jones is clearly ahead of Nurse. To take Nurse over Jones just because he's a lefty is being very narrow minded. If Colorado passed on the local kid, Jones, just because Tyson Barrie and Stefan Elliot (Tyson Barrie and Stefan Elliot!!!) they would have to move the franchise back to Quebec. Jones is talented enough to play either side anyway.
He spent time in Colorado, but was born and raised in Texas, no?

In any case, I can't see Colorado passing on Jones if he's there simply because of their plethora of centers--unless they project either Drouin or MacKinnon to wing.

I believe that the franchise has traditionally been reluctant to draft Russians (though they did acquire Varlamov), so Nichushkin could slip by them even if they are #4 and the top-three are off the board.

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