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03-19-2013, 09:08 AM
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Originally Posted by misfit View Post
The only struggling they're doing is on the scoresheet. They aren't any less effective at generating scoring chances.

Eberle is a career 15.4% shooter scoring at a 7.3% rate
Hall is a career 12.5% shooter scoring at a 6.1% rate
Nuge is a career 13.4% shooter scoring at a rate of 0% (4% if he scored on his next shot)

Eberle averaged 2.3 shots/game until this year. Now he's averaging 3.2
Hall averaged 3.1 shots/game until this year. Now he's averaging 3.8
RNH averaged 2.2 shots/game last year. Now he's averaging 2.0

Eberle had 42 assists last year in 78 games. He's on pace for 36 in 78 this season.
Hall had 26 assists last year in 61 games. He's on pace for 42 in 61 this season.
Nuge had 34 assists last year in 62 games. He's on pace for 31 in 62 this season.

The "struggling stars" are putting up better or the same offensive numbers that they've always put up in every area other than shooting percentage. Those shooting percentages are less than half of what they've done to this point in their careers across the board. That's more bad luck than anything, and certainly not a result of playing in the AHL. The AHL didn't somehow make them all worse shooters. The AHL isn't the reason RNH has missed the net 1.25 times per game. The nets are the same size in the AHL as they are in the majors.
you arent saying "Unsustainable Shooting Percentage" are you??

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