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Originally Posted by Bubba88 View Post
This will get more interesting in the offseason after the 13/14 season. That's the last time we can use the amnesty Buyout. At that time, Hossa will be 35 and the remaining salary would be 23.8 million. That's still a lot of money. Having 5 million dead Cap for 3-4 years would be bad too as would be a 42 year old Hossa with 5.275 million Cap Hit. Do we think he will be good at this age too? It will not happen this offseason for sure. It would be dumb and wasted money while Hossa is still a Top5 RW in the World. That's not the player you buy out. 1 year later it might get interesting.

Coming back to the talk about him being good in 4-6 years. It's possible. Hossa is that kind of special player. Look at how good Selanne is at this age with his injury history. Teemus Knees are done since the 05 Lockout. He's still great. Look at Jagr. Lidstrom was one of the best D at this age and I think he still would be. Whitney just got a 2 year contract with 1 million less Cap Hit. Recchi was usefull at that age. I'm not saying Hossa is or was as good as Jagr or Selanne, but he is or was better than Whitney and Recchi.
Keeping him until that age would not be the end of the world. I can see us saying please Hossa, ONE MORE YEAR like the Ducks say about Teemu. Like others said it before. I think Hossa would be usefull. I'm against buying him out this offseason and 99% sure I will say this after the 13/14 season too.

Next guy will make a poll and ask if we should use 1 of the buyouts on Keith... interesting about Keith, from now on his paid salary goes down year after year
So....sorry to bump this thread, but......

IMO, the Perry/Getzlaf contracts make it very evident that Hawks will need to buy out Hossa in order to keep both Kane/Toews.

At this point it's really not about how good Hossa will be. Because at some point the Hawks will be crippled by his contract (and Keith's a bit further down the line). But will Rocky swallow $20+m?? I have to doubt it. Though if the alternative is losing Toews or Kane, I think the fans will begin to look at him in the same light as $ Bill.

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