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03-19-2013, 09:48 AM
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Originally Posted by petrishriekandgo View Post
Also agree about AV, if anything his coaching moves were justified last night when the ever risky Ballard created a partial breakaway on the games 3rd goal.
Like his constant benching hasn't done anything to the players mental state eh? It's one to bench a player after a gaffe last night; it's another (in the previous cases) where it's AV "coin that did the deed". No surprise player isn't at his best when he knows his days are numbered. AV may be able to motivate some players but in this well, Ballard's market value has already been destroyed due to AV's mind games.

Said this before, AV made his job more difficult given that his roster is going to be stuck with $4+ million contract on a significantly lower cap next season; barring Aquaman opening his vault in a buyout (that's really going to win him favors from the boss). Not to mention, you've got two goalie starter contracts on the books with the other team's starting to get more leverage against Gillis.

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