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03-19-2013, 10:06 AM
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Just my two cents here. What i notice is lower bowl (if you can afford it) is where you go if you want to 'quietly' watch the game with all the businessmen etc. Upper bowl is where the more racious and loud fans tend to be located. Not to mention this is where the majority of the drinking takes place. However, from my experience it is a much better atmosphere up there with a lot more excitement and friendliness (strangers high-fiving after a goal etc).

Now with that being said the last game i was at i was in the upper bowl and everything i just stated held true BUT there was this drunk chick behind us who for 2 full periods kept going on about her life and how she didnt care what other people thought of her, you like me for what i am or gtfo blah blah blah. Was kind of funny at first but after awhile her overly obnoxious voice and ridiculously stupid comments got quite irritating. Like are you here to watch the game or speed date with a 50 year old? The funny thing is several times she would say "oh i haven't even watched the game at all..better keep ranting about myself". To make matters worse when she did start watching she started screaming instructions to the players on how to score.

Anyways dono where im going with this but that was my most recent experience. From the 40 or so games ive been to, however, that was the worst experience.

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