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Originally Posted by achtungbaby View Post
I get your point, do you get mine? I don't care if a player scores 200 goals a year if his line is letting in 250. Replace that 200 goal player with a 20 goal scorer whose line only lets in 15 and we will still win more games than we lose. Understand?
Yes I do get your point. I just think that Kessel is not THE ONLY reason the line is getting scored on. You don't see my point, if we had a top pairing D for example, plus Dustin Brown instead of JVR on his LW would help?

I just believe it is easier to get a Brown, Clarkson type of player than it is to get a player with the natural scoring ability that Kessel brings. As I said, the UFA pool will not help as those types of point a game players will already be signed and thus NOT available. And I can promise you this with all certainty..... To get the scoring Kessel gives us, WILL cost us roughly what we paid for him already. Trading for a Brown/Clarkson type, would cost half of that.

Teams just don't trade 30+ goal scorers who happen to be 25 or so years old. Kessel will have 200 goals at some point just after his 26th birthday. Let's trade the bum!

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