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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
Sometimes it's like no one remembers that Fedorov was the guy that the Ducks went out to get after losing Kariya to free agency two weeks earlier (Col.), and that Fedorov was then moved out of Anaheim before Selanne was brought back to the Niedermayer/Getzlaf/Perry version of the Ducks.
Sometimes it's like you, specifically, don't remember that Fedorov was on the 2005-06 Mighty Ducks until mid-November. He didn't play well, got hurt, and Bob Murray told Brian Burke to move him for Francois Beauchemin in addition to the cap-space Burke wanted. And Selanne certainly wasn't brought back to any Getzlaf/Perry version of anything in 2005, since they were making lengthy mid-season trips to Portland during 2005-06 while the Selanne/McDonald combination went on to have back-to-back 80/90-point seasons.

Someone being targeted for free agency doesn't make them better; it means they didn't want 41-year-old Adam Oates at a $3.5 million option and mistakenly believed Fedorov was going to be an 80-point player.

Originally Posted by NHL In Depth, December 15, 2003
''It's no secret that Mike has called a number of people in Detroit, including myself, and asked what makes this guy tick,'' Bowman says. ''Personally, what I've noticed is that he seems to be trying to set up everyone and not skating with the puck and trying to make things happen. When he gets that straightened out -- and he will -- you'll see the same old Sergei that we enjoyed watching for so long in Detroit.''

Babcock says, ''We lost two of our best players (Paul Kariya and Adam Oates to free agency) and are looking for players to help lead us. The reality is: When you want to be the guy -- and show that you can be the guy, then the ice time will be there.''
Fedorov, who debuted with Anaheim at a -3 over 24 minutes, ended up playing less minutes-per-game with the Mighty Ducks than he did for the Red Wings in the previous season.

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