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03-19-2013, 10:53 AM
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I actually looked into it just about an hour ago, I was curious when I heard Mac and Spiegs wondering what it was. I have access to a site at work that I can get them at.

Unfortunately, there are 3 issues:
1) the site didn't remove the listing that had the Hawks game on CSN. So there are numbers for CSN, and I assume those are the Bulls numbers, but I'm not 100% on that. The time slot is also messed up. The site has CSN doing a 2.4 from 7-7:30, a 3.2 from 7:30-8, and a 3.7 from 8-10:30. For the sake of guessing, let's say the Bulls did a 3.5 total, since it looks like the beginning did bad and we have to take out the last half hour after it ended.
2) CLTV did a 4.0. I don't believe that number includes the HD alternate channel on Comcast, the alternate channels on DirecTV and DISH, etc etc. So I don't have the Hawks exact number (could be as high as 7 for all I know), but they won on CLTV viewers alone.

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