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12-23-2003, 12:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Estimated_Prophet
This nonsense of comparing Ribeiro to Koivu is ridiculous. Ribeiro is a selfish prima-donna who is only stepping it up because this is a contract year for him.

The fact is that Ribeiro is still a selfish, soft, slow, weak, defensively brutal player. Granted he has improved in each area but he is still far below adequate in those areas and really should only be a power play specialist. I wouldn't be at all surprised if a warrior like Koivu can't stand Ribeiro or Theodore as they both put their own agendas ahead of the team. Koivu has never been a healthy scratch whereas Ribeiro has been a healthy scratch numerous times over the last couple of seasons and needs constant adult supervision and direction to keep him in line.

I also can't stand to hear people say that Ribeiro has more vision than Koivu, that is nonsense. For every spectacular pass that Ribeiro makes he also makes a dangerous turnover by pushing the envelope too far. Koivu is very defesively responsible and simply doesn't attempt selfish high risk plays that Ribeiro does. It is no coincidence that opposing teams constantly attempt to get their scorers on the ice when Ribeiro is out because he turns the puck over so much and is too slow and weak to be effective in the neutral and defensive zones.

True hockey minds know there is no comparison between Koivu and Ribeiro. If Ribeiro played for Hitchcock or Bowman he would be constantly riding the pine for attempting the high risk plays that he attempts. Koivu is a legendary leader back in Finland and is an underappreciated leader in Montreal as the racist French media has poisoned many of the mindless sheep that follow the Canadiens.

I'd be interested to know if any of these Ribeiro lovers/Koivu bashers would rather have Ribeiro as their #1 center than Koivu in the playoffs. It really should be a no brainer in Koivu's favour but people with no brains often think strange things.

I agree very much so... Koivu has gotten the short end of the stick for way more than long enough this year. It is absolutely retarded hearing bad talk about Koivu's minor slump in his first 6 games when Ribeiro has been allowed to slump for the better part of 6 years.

Savard said it best when he said Ribeiro and Chouinard will amount to nothing more than Powerplay specialists. Ribeiro to his credit has given a bit more than expected, but his speed is absolutely pathetic... We have more than enough players in development who can eventually be the #2 man... & I personally cannot wait until his days are numbered in MOntreal.... Espescially to get the jerks to start some other controversy that they think is right.

Prophet is 100% right about Rib's so called 'vision'. Sure he makes some dandy passes, he also diddles with the puck to long, stays on for too long... Skates too slow... None of these problems are in Koivu's game. I cannot see how Ribeiro can be better, and I am sick of being told that he is, because he simply is not.

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