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I've really enjoyed the changes they've made in 1.07. It's affected the hardcore side more than the softcore side, but crafting has been an effective gold sink for the players that can afford it. I've personally spent over 200 million hardcore gold on it, and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon. The crafting has also opened up a new market in tomes - they're 22k a piece in hardcore. Every new crafted piece requires tomes, and the demand is higher than the supply in hardcore. It's also driven up the price of brims to 280k, as the ammy craft requires it.

The XP changes to the monster powers was also something sorely needed - I don't feel compelled to do low MP runs with hellfire/ruby anymore. I can just crank up the MPs, equip my normal gear, and get similar xp/hr with much better drops.

Good changes all around.

Some planned upcoming changes in the next patch (1.08) include
  • Increased mob density for inferno difficulty in acts I, II, and IV (no more act III over and over again for xp!)
  • Identify all
  • Multi-crafting. No more mindless clicking to make gems
  • AH gear compare. No more linking then joining game to compare items
  • Co-op incentive. They haven't released any details, but they have said that they want to offer something to give players incentive to play co-op, while at the same time not wanting to make it feel mandatory

And for patch 1.09 and beyond
  1. Scaled legendaries - every legendary in the game can drop at every level, at the level of the monster that dropped it. For example, you can get a level 10 skorn off a level 10 monster, and level 63 Boj Anglers off a level 63 monster
  2. Less item drops, but better stat rolls - for example, instead of the mod roll of 11-80 for all resist, maybe it'll be 55-80 now. They will do this for all stats, allowing for more valuable drops, though less of them in general. A good change imo
  3. Increased item diversity - adding special abilities to certain legendaries, such as a Voodoo Mask that increases pet damage, a Barbarian set that makes Call of the Ancients last until they die (after they give them full pet survivability), a Wizard Orb that allowed for two Hydras to be active at once, or some ethereal boots that would allow you to walk through monsters
  4. Transmogrification - those that play(ed) World of Warcraft know what this means, but for those that don't, it will allow you to change the appearance of your gear to any other piece of gear for the slot that you own. Sick of seeing every char of your class look the same way? Not anymore. Make that zuni helm a quetzalcoatl and look like the WD from the menu!
  5. A much greater focus on farming monsters rather than the AH - Blizz wants to move away from the auction house model and give players a chance to find their own items
  6. Increased chance to drop items for your own class - sick of getting good items for every class but your own? This should help with that

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